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Spring 2022

Perhaps I should title this “Spring Back to Life” given how long it has been since I posted a website blog. I was very busy in November and December making inventory for the Revels celebration in Lebanon. It was fun being a vendor, but it was challenging since we were outside in Colburn Park. I wore my kilt which attracted a lot of attention- even from a WMUR-TV reporter, who could not believe I wasn’t frozen. To see the TV clip, put in Larry Lancaster, blacksmith, in your search engine.

With the bitter cold and severe wind chill we had this winter, I kept the four dogs in the house and we stayed cozy around the wood stove. I have forged some handles and hooks. A local contractor challenged me to reproduce some antique thumb latch door hardware. I wound up making a tool so I could forge rivets. The next project is some towel racks for my wife. Also looking at starting work on some knives, hopefully with antler handles. Stop by the Studio to see what project I’m working on.

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